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An important condition for presenting oneself to the outside world successfully in markets operating in other languages is to fully unfold one's own potentials - in the European Community and in the global traffic of merchandise. For internationally oriented enterprises and institutions, this means accurate translation of legal documents, such as contracts, certificates and patents, including website content or technical documentation as part of regular business operations. In terms of interpretation and linguistics, Panorama Languages vouches for precise localisation which is embedded into a personally supervised project management. In close cooperation with our clients, the documents will be adapted to the formal standards of the target country and, if necessary, synchronised with the requirements of the relevant target group and its cultural background. An individually composed team of native-speaker translators and proofreaders, who enjoy years of experience in the desired area of expertise and excellent language skills, takes care of a successful outcome.



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Panorama Languages has specialised in its core segment in the translation of technical subjects specific to industries and trade, science and technology, as well as translation of legal and official documents. As an internationally and globally operating translation service provider, Panorama Languages guarantees adherence to international quality standards and assures excellent conditions. We will be glad to advise you with regard to implementation of your current project through our Customer Service or through on-site consultation.


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Contact our Customer Service department for advice and determination of prices. Because Panorama Languages provides online translation services, all materials & documents must be sent in electronic formats.

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