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We correct and proofread publications, specialist texts, drafts and manuscripts for the following subject areas (excerpt): Medicine, law and legal documents, literary studies, history, economics, social sciences, theatre studies, art history, communication studies, philosophy, sociology, theology, musicology, political science, psychology, archaeology, English studies, Romance studies, Slavic studies, natural sciences, physics, biology, chemistry, business administration (BWL), economics (VWL), mathematics, geology, biochemistry, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and architecture.

Proofreading by Experienced Text Editors

Expert proofreading is an obligatory step in bringing a text to publication readiness. As an editing service with many years of experience, Panorama Languages has over 400 specialised editors for over 70 subject areas who check your texts for stringency and argumentation logic, as well as for spelling and grammar. All communication specifics and specialist terminology of the desired target group are included in the proofreading work, be it the proofreading of a dissertation, the manuscript of a novel or the proofreading of a technical instruction manual.

Scientific Proofreading

For the Global Scientific Community

The proofreading of master’s theses, dissertations and other scientific papers is carried out exclusively by academics in the respective field.

Industrial & Retail Sectors

Global Markets

For the optimal presentation of your products and company presentations, we offer proofreading in over 200 language combinations.

Service Companies

Corporate Wording

We proofread your brochures, websites, presentations or catalogues and check them for spelling, syntax and globally differing standards to ensure a flawless presentation in terms of content and graphics.

Arts and Culture

Professional Presentations

By having your manuscripts, screenplays or scripts edited by literary scholars, art historians, film scholars or authors, you can ensure an excellent performance.

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Do you need a text edited in English, German, French or Spanish? Would you like to have a manuscript edited or proofread in Dutch, Italian or Portuguese? We offer proofreading in over 60 languages in addition to proofreading in English.

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