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Korean Translators
Our team includes 28 Korean translators with 33 language pairs and a wide variety of areas of specialisation. Twenty-four of these translators are sworn translators.
Certified Translations
In addition to Korean translation services for our business customers, we can also provide notarised translations of official documents for private customers.
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Whether into Korean or from Korean into another language, our project management team will conduct all translations in compliance with ISO quality guidelines.


Korean Translation Services

Whether for Korean-English or English-Korean translations, we at Panorama Languages AG are ready nearly every type of material with a number of translators. Manuals, websites, product descriptions, trade show catalogs, letters of recommendation, cooperation contracts and scientific studies as well as scripts and advertising documents will be translated by experienced Korean translators and also polished by additional proofreaders upon request. Transparency, reliability and professionalism differentiate our translation services from pricing suggestions to invoicing.

The academically well-established certification of our native speakers the necessary security in handling complex content and demanding documents, whether they deal with economics, law, natural sciences, marketing or medical materials. As part of our quality assurance, all translated materials undergo an additional proofreading step. Feel free to contact our Customer Service department and ask for an offer free of charge.


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Send us your documents as a file attachment and you will receive a free and non-binding offer based on the information submitted. Notarised translations will be send back to you by registered mail upon completion. 
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Certified Translation Korean - English

The Korean language is spoken in Korea (South and North Korea) by more than 70 million people. There are approximately 78 million people worldwide who speak Korean. There is a Korean-speaking minority in the People's Republic of China (PRC). In China, Korean has the official status of a recognised minority language. A Korean-speaking minority lives in the Central Asian Republics of the former Soviet Union and they are called "Goryeoin" or "Goryeo saramdeul". There are other Korean-speaking minorities outside Korea in Japan and the USA. The origin of the Korean languageis, like the Japanese language, not entirely clear. The majority of researchers agree to a large extent that the Korean language belongs to the Ural-Altaic linguistic family and within this to the Altaic group. These are divided in Mongolian, Turkic-speaking and the Tungus-Manchu branches, to which Korean belongs. Our Korean translators are based in the following cities:

Sworn Korean translators

The sworn Korean - English translators of our translation company provide document translation services in all subject areas. Are you looking for a certified translation Korean English of an official document such as a leaving certificate, university certificate, birth certificate, marriage certificate, drivers' license or divorce decree? Do you need to translate a legal contract, patent, resume (CV), sales contract, rental agreement, business report, press release, research paper or a legal, medical or technical document by a sworn Korean translator? Are you searching for a translation agency which offers technical translation services Korean - English of a technical manual, brochure, product catalogue, leaflet, website or online shop? Simply send us your documents for text analysis.