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Our team includes 46 Hungarian translators covering 38 language pairs and numerous specialist areas for technical, medical or legal translations.
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In addition to Hungarian translation services for our business customers and institutions, we also provide certified translations of official documents for private clients.
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Our proofreading and translation services are carried out by certified Hungarian translators and according to the international DIN EN ISO 17100 guideline.


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We are a team of highly trained managers with support teams of skillful linguists, artists, and engineers. We're not bilingual or multi-lingual; we are language craftsmen.
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We walk the talk. From pricing through a finished translation, we perform all our work using quality processes. What's more… we have ISO certification to back it up.
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Hungarian Translation Services

Panorama Languages offers Hungarian translation services with guaranteed quality. In addition to mastery of Hungarian at the native-speaker level, a certification at the university level is a necessity for skilful translation. Our Hungarian translators provide many years of professional experience as well as expertise in a technical, scientific, legal, medical or cultural discipline. The translation of technical documentation, legal materials, research papers and official documents are part of the focus area of our translation company. Just send us your documents by email for an offer free of charge.

Certified Translation Hungarian - English

The certified English to Hungarian translators of our translation company provide document translation services in all subject areas. Are you looking for a certified translation Hungarian to English of an official document such as a school leaving certificate, university degree, birth certificate, marriage certificate, drivers' license, resume (CV), reference letter or a divorce decree? Do you need a legal translation into Hungarian of a contract, patent, rental agreement, business report, financial statement or a sales contract? Or are you searching for technical translation services from English to Hungarian of an instruction manual, operating instruction, brochure, product catalogue, leaflet, a technical guide or a handbook? Our Hungarian translators also translate medical documents such as of clinical studies, pharmaceutics, medical technology, websites or medical reserach papers such as doctoral thesis (PHD). In short, if you would like to translate a technical, medical, legal or an official document by one of our Hungarian translators, simply contact our translation management team.


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Official Hungarian translators

The language of our Hungarian translators separated from its closest language relatives about 3000 years ago. It had influences of the Turkic languages between the fifth and ninth centuries and then later some Slavic influences. Then, with the establishment of the Kingdom of Hungary, Latin began to play a role in the development of the Hungarian language, as it important to this western-style Christian state. Hungarian uses the Latin-based alphabet with diacritical marks. Its orthography is for the most part phonetic. It includes several special characters: á, é, í, ó, ú, ö, ü, ő and ű. These last two letters have a special diacritical mark called the double acute accent, which is sometimes called the Hungarumlaut.

Hungarian translators for technical, medical and legal documents

Hungarian translations of medical, legal, technical and certified documents is one of our core competencies, so we've got extensive experience with the in and outs of the Hungarian Language. Some common translation and localization issues with Hungarian document translation are the following:

There is very little dialectal variation in Hungarian, due to vigorous attempts at standardizing the language. This being the case, dialects do not cause a major issue in translation. However, for projects with audio components such as voice over, it is important to choose a voice over talent with the dialect or accent that is appropriate for the target audience.

Since Hungarian uses the extended Latin alphabet, there can be issues when displaying Hungarian on webpages, or in desktop publishing software (DTP) and word processors. Some applications, such as the US version of Quark Xpress or FrameMaker, do not support Latin 2 scripts. Special care is needed when typesetting Hungarian to ensure the proper display of characters. Hyphenation is an issue with agglutinative languages, which must be considered to avoid ambiguity of longer words in Hungarian.

Hungarian translation services with personal advice on site

Our sworn, technical, medical and legal Hungarian translators, Hungarian interpreters and proofreaders can be found in over 100 locations, including London, Berlin, Hong Kong, Liverpool, Dublin or Brussels, Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged, San Francisco or Melbourne.