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We are highly qualified project managers, linguists, interpreters, proofreaders and scientists. We are translators by passion, translations are our vocation.

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Certified Danish Translation

For certified Danish English translations, our translation agency has numerous sworn Danish translators available to translate your official documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, driving licences, school certificates or divorce decrees.

Technical Translations

For clients from industry and retail, our translation company also offers technical translations of operating instructions, user manuals, handbooks and many other technical documentations by specialised Danish translators.

Translation of legal documents

Do you need a contract translated? Do want to translate your general terms and conditions or a patent into Danish? Legal translations are one of our core competences. We translate business reports, financial texts as well as dissertations in law.

Danish Translators for Medicine & Pharmaceuticals

The translation of medical texts completes the range of our translation services. In addition to translating medical reports and diagnoses, our medical Danish translators also translate clinical studies, texts from medical technology and hospital administration documents.

Your Danish Translation

Simply send us your texts, documents or certificates to be translated as a file attachment and receive a free quote. Alternatively, you can also send us an email: customerservice@panoramalanguages.com

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Certified Danish Translators

English Danish Translation with expertise

  • Contracts
  • Patents
  • Annual reports
  • Financial documents
  • Legal documents
  • Audit reports
  • Annual accounts
  • Balance sheets
  • Judgements
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Driving licence
  • Criminal record
  • Divorce decree
  • School-leaving certificate
  • Testament
  • Official documents
  • Death certificate
  • Use instructions
  • Instruction manual
  • Technical handbook
  • Website, Shop systems
  • Marketing texts
  • Book translations
  • Medical texts
  • Medicine & Pharma
  • Scientific texts

Danish Language in Focus

Most of the Danish lexicon comes from Old Norse, from which new words have been formed by composition. However, a considerable percentage of vocabulary comes from German. The genetic and historical relationship between English and Danish makes many words from both languages similar, e.g. næse (nose), blå (blue). However, the pronunciation of these words in both languages varies considerably. This relationship is especially marked by the Viking invasion of part of northern England.

Examples of famous writers of works in Danish are the existential philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, the prolific fable writer Hans Christian Andersen and the playwright Ludvig Holberg. Three 20th-century Danish authors have received the Nobel Prize for literature: Karl Adolph Gjellerup and Henrik Pontoppidan, who received the prize in 1917, and Johannes Vilhelm Jensen, who was awarded the prize in 1944. The first translation of the Bible into Danish was published in 1550.

Document translations English Danish

For exceptional Danish translation services, look no further than Panorama Languages. As is one of the fastest growing Danish translation companies we provide Danish to English translations for nearly every type of document. In addition to Danish-English and English-Danish translations, we also translate your technical, medical, certified or legal documents into Bulgarian, German, Arabic and many other languages. Our Danish translators, interpreters and proofreaders can be found in over 100 locations.