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Our team includes 34 Albanian translators with 41 language pairs and a wide variety of areas of specialisation. Twenty-one of these translators are sworn translators.
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In addition to Albanian translation services for our business customers, we can also provide notarised translations of official documents for private customers.
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Whether into Albanian or from Albanian into another language, our project management team will conduct all translations in compliance with ISO quality guidelines.

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Albanian-English translations with guaranteed quality. Panorama Languages is an internationally active translation agency that provides translations in the Albanian-English language pair for nearly every type of document. In addition to specialising in the fields of technology, science, trade and law, official documents can be translated and notarised. Are you looking for an Albanian translation of a birth certificate, a patent or a product catalog? Do you need a legal contract or a website translated from Albanian into English? Just send us your documents by email for a free offer or allow our Customer Service department to advise you.

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Send us your documents as a file attachment and you will receive a free and non-binding offer based on the information submitted. Notarised translations will be send back to you by registered mail upon completion.
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The sworn Albanian - English translators of our translation company provide document translation services in all subject areas. Are you looking for a certified translation Albanian English of an official document such as a leaving certificate, university certificate, birth certificate, marriage certificate, drivers' license or divorce decree? Do you need to translate a legal contract, patent, resume (CV), sales contract, rental agreement, business report, press release, research paper or a legal, medical or technical document by a sworn Albanian translator? Are you searching for a translation agency which offers technical translation services Albanian - English of a technical manual, brochure, product catalogue, leaflet, website or online shop? Simply send us your documents for text analysis.


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The Albanian language belongs to the family of the Indo-German languages. Within this linguistic family, Albanian is considered to be an independent language, even though it has been marked considerably by Latin and Roman on the one hand, and by Slavish and Turkish on the other. Moreover, Albanian contains a large number of words borrowed from other Balkan languages such as Bulgarian and Greek, but also from Italian and a few words from German. Furthermore Albanian is divided in two dialect groups, whereby the Shkumbin river marks the border between both varieties. Tosk is spoken south of the river and Gheg to the north of it. Albanian is spoken by approximately 7.5 million people. Of these, about 6 million live in the Balkan islands in Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Greece. There is a minority of about 100, 000 Albanian speakers in South Italy, who are known there as Arberesh. In addition, over one million Albanians live all over the world as migrants.<7p>

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Our translators, interpreters and proofreaders for Albanian can be found in over 100 locations:  London, Cardiff, Liverpool, Glasgow, London oder Brussels and many more cities.