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Would you like to have official documents translated? For the certified translation of official documents, deeds and certificates by state court sworn translators, our translation agency has a translator portfolio for over 500 language combinations. This includes certified translations of marriage certificates, birth certificates or death certificates, as well as translations of driver’s licenses, police clearance certificates, wills, divorce decrees or other types of documents. Simply send us your documents to be translated scanned by e-mail and request a free quote, or let our customer service advise you in advance.

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Formal specifics have to be taken into account in the certified translation of documents, certificates and other personal documents, which require from our sworn translators not only expertise in the field of human resources, but also a profound knowledge of the local legal situation. Certificate language can vary from country to country. Translations of diplomas, employer’s references or internship references, for example, require a great deal of sensitivity, especially when it comes to freely worded text passages. Our certified translation service will convince you in this respect. Of course, our translation agency provides a quality guarantee for our certified document translations.

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Have your diplomas, job or internship references translated by our native-speaking professionals.

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Simply send us your official documents as a scan and receive a quote. The certified translation will subsequently be sent to you by mail.

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For the translation of marriage certificates, birth certificates, wills or divorce decrees, we have over 600 sworn translators in the target country of your choice.

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In order to take into account all formally differing specifics during processing, only translators with local expertise are used.

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In order to have your documents translated, we first need your marriage certificates, birth certificates or references as a scan in order to prepare a cost estimate. The certified translation of your documents will then be returned to you by mail in the original, including the certification stamp of a sworn translator.

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Do you need a certificate, an official document or a document translated from German to English? Do you need a certified translation English German of a marriage certificate, birth certificate or divorce decree? Our translation agency offers document and certificate translations by sworn translators for documents in German and more than 50 other languages

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Translation of documents in Berlin by official translators

English-speaking countries such as the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand are at the more relaxed end of the spectrum and only require that certified translations include a statement from the translator confirming the accuracy of the translation as well as the date, the translator’s credentials and contact details. In Germany, on the other hand, specifically trained translators are sworn in by a court and are subsequently allowed to certify your translations. If you have any further questions, please contact our translation management.

Translate documents with certification

Have your documents translated and certified by our sworn translator. A certified translation is one that meets the requirements of the country in question so that it can be used in formal procedures, with the translator taking responsibility for the accuracy of the translation. These requirements vary widely from country to country. While in some countries only government-appointed translators are allowed to make such translations, in other countries translations made by any competent bilingual person are accepted. In between these two extremes are countries where a certified translation can be done by any professional translator with the proper credentials (which may include membership in certain translator associations or possession of certain qualifications).